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the invisible heroine by Phyllis Hemann the invisible heroine, poetry by Phyllis Hemann, illustrates the human struggle to establish identity in the physical, emotional and spiritual world, and how when those pieces come together, true identity thrives. The poems highlight the wonder that exists in love, hope and humanity, whether one recognizes it or not. Finishing Line Press released the limited edition chapbook in 2015 with cover art by artist Melanie Johnston. The Trouble with Frightful by Phyllis Hemann The Trouble with Frightful, a children's picture book, is under contract with 4RV Publishing. (forthcoming)

My author page: 4RV Publishing

Passings with poetry by Phyllis Hemann Passing is a poetry anthology that explores death and the effect it has on all of us. "Each of us have our own unique manner of dealing with the passing of a loved one, and each of us have our own poetic voice. The Authors are the voices that so eloquently and poignantly speak to us in Passing," the Editor of Passing said. It includes poetry by Phyllis Hemann and other contributors. (Limited availability, out of print) Writings Other writing by Phyllis Hemann (only a sampling):

Presence, poetry
Number One, poetry
Raphael's Village, poetry
Poesia, poetry
The Louisiana Review, poetry
Arkansas Catholic, nonfiction and photography
Catholic News Service, nonfiction
Encyclopedia of Arkansas, nonfiction (not original text)
Perspective, nonfiction (PDF)

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